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KEY CLEAN Description:

Designed to do one thing and one thing the best. Clean all piano keys, black or white, ivory or plastic. It will remove dirt, dust, perspiration, and even crayon while leaving the keys with that new feel*. Key Clean is especially good to have on hand when there are children playing the instrument or multiple users in a music school, college or university. (In 4 oz. bottle INCLUDES SHIPPING*).

*NOTE: Key Clean does not do anything about yellowed\discolored keys nor does any other product we know of.

KEY CLEAN Features:

  • Cleans piano keys
  • Removes dirt, dust, perspiration, crayon
  • Keys feel like new
  • Cleans keyboard messes by children
  • Good for multiple users in a music school, college or university.

(Important: Before using these products make sure your instrument is turned off or un-plugged.

Shake well.
Do not spray the keys directly. Spray liquid on a soft, absorbant, non-abrasive cotton cloth and wipe the keys clean until dry. KEY CLEAN IS NOT FOR EXTERIOR FINISHES OR INTERNAL PARTS.

Shipping Weight: 5.5 ounces
*Shipping referred to is in the U.S. only - International orders email for additional postage required.

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