Digi Clean from Professional Piano Products at Master's Touch Music
(for GUITARS and BRASS instruments (saxes, trumpets, etc.), CDs and DVDs too!)

DIGI CLEAN Description:

Formulated especially for the Digital Piano, Computer, Keyboard, Synth, Accordians, CDs, DVDs and Organs. This wonderful formula contains NO HARMFUL: ammonia, polishes, or waxes. With a quick spray on, and a quick wipe off, you will remove dirt, dust, grime, & fingerprints from every part of the instrument. Every keyboard/synth player should use this amazing product. ALSO WORKS GREAT ON GUITARS and BRASS instruments (saxes, trumpets, etc.) Digi Clean - "WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN GOLD". (In 6 oz. bottle INCLUDES SHIPPING*).).

DIGI CLEAN Features:

  • Eliminates fingerprints, smudging, dirt, and dust
  • Contains NO harmful waxes or polishes
  • Non-streaking, non-static
  • For the Digital Piano
  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Synth
  • Accordian
  • CDs & DVDs too!
  • Organs
  • and Other Instruments

(Important: Before using this product make sure your instrument is turned off or un-plugged.

Shake well.
Do not spray the instrument directly. Spray liquid on a soft, absorbant, non-abrasive cotton cloth. Wipe on all external areas including cabinet or housing, keys, and display windows. NO INTERNAL AREAS.

To clean CDs and DVDs, shake well and spray directly on the CD shiny surface and wipe till dry, with a clean lint-free cotton cloth, starting in the center of CD and wiping STRAIGHT (NOT CIRCULAR) towards the edge.

Shipping Weight: 8.5 ounces
*Shipping referred to is in the U.S. only - International orders email for additional postage required.

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