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Clean your CDs DVDs


Clean your CDs DVDs
CD Skipping? Keep them like new with DIGI CLEAN. It works like magic to minimize skipping, and the best part... USE THIS FAST, EASY CLEANER BEFORE THE CD's GET DIRTY AND SKIP! ORDER NOW!

With all of your CDs/DVDs and CD/DVD Players. You made decisions to invest in the world's finest precision engineered products. It is to your advantage to take good care of them.

Digi Clean
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You need a cleaner designed specifically for the electronic world of today. We offer such a product at a reasonable price. In order to be successful we know that our products must be good and affordable, they are!

 TIP: Remember, Never wipe in a circular motion, ALWAYS across CD/DVD.
Dirty CDs or DVDs? We've got the SOLUTION

Music Lovers, Movie Lovers, Computer Users: BUY THESE PRODUCTS! Keep your CD/DVD's and musical instruments clean from dirt, dust, and fingerprints with these remarkable non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions that really work!.

DIGI CLEAN...has a fantastic formula designed to clean electronic instruments but ALSO all CD's, DVD's, Computer CD's, etc.

DIGI Clean.... removes dirt, dust, fingerprints and helps to minimize skipping or eliminate it all together.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT by keeping all of your CD's factory fresh. Remember, DIGI Clean works like Magic!!! (In 6 oz. bottle)..

Digi Clean eliminates fingerprints, smudging, dirt, and dust - keep your CD clean Digi Clean eliminates fingerprints, smudging, dirt, and dust - keep your CD clean Digi Clean contains NO harmful waxes or polishes - keep your CD clean Digi Clean  - Non-streaking, non-static - keep your CD clean Digi Clean contains NO harmful waxes or polishes - keep your CD clean


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a "one-of-a-kind" Spray Cleaner
that cleans all these items and more:

Formulated especially for digital pianos but is GREAT for any type of Laser Discs, CDs, DVDs. etc.

This wonderful formula contains NO HARMFUL: ammonia, polishes, or waxes. With a quick spray on, and a quick wipe off (tip: STRAIGHT ACROSS THE CD/DVD, NEVER CIRCULAR WIPES), you will remove dirt, dust, grime, & fingerprints from every part of the surface. Every person using CDs DVDs, or any type of laser disk should use this amazing product.


Works like Magic!!!
Cleans CD's, DVD's, Computer CD's or digital pianos and more
Removes dirt, dust, fingerprints
Minimizes or eliminates skipping
Keeps your CD/DVD's factory fresh
TIP: Remember, Never wipe circular motion, ALWAYS across CD or DVD.

Digi Clean


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Cleaning products that WORK LIKE MAGIC!!! - 'Worth their Weight in Gold'

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