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Jim Humble at Piano cartoon

Company Profile

In 1970, Jim Humble worked for the Sherman-Clay, the largest music chain in America in Eastridge Mall in San Jose California, It was here that Professional Piano Cleaning Products were born out of necessity. The store was located near an Ice Cream Store, Cotton Candy Stand, A Pizza Hut, See's Candy Store and Candy Apple stand. The organs and keyboards were favorites of all the kids. It was a part of Jim's duties to do minor repairs and keep the keyboards clean. (No easy task!)

Repairing Pianos cartoon

After a lot of hard work and daily challenges Jim created a product that was years ahead of its time. He called it simply, "Key Clean" the key cleaning product was very strong, yet Jim used only non-toxic chemicals, and no cleaning solvents, or harmful abrasives because of the little kids. It was a truly revolutionary, environmentally safe, all purpose cleaner. Jim also played keyboard in a Rock and Roll band and he started taking his "Key Clean" with him to clubs and dances, everyone was using up his cleaning supplies, including the owners of the clubs. Everyone told Jim to "Bottle that stuff and I'll buy some", so he did, and they did.

Blonde guy playing piamo -cartoon

At first, Professional Cleaning Products were sold to professional musicians and small businesses as a commercial cleaner. Later the small sales force had an easy task of selling their product to other electronic companies that had really tough cleaning jobs, like the copy machines in Kinko's, the printers on PCs. Soon, they had a loyal and profitable customer base that just grew and grew.

Guy in tux playing piano - cartoon

In 1981, Professional Piano Cleaning Products expanded from the commercial market into the consumer market. It was just too good of a product not to bring to people's homes. Professional Piano Cleaning Products began to be sold at trade and home shows, county fairs, and through in-store demonstrations.

Smiley playing keyboard, Hammond organ? - cartoon

In 1987 Jim's son, Jim Jr,, who had been selling PPP with Jim for years, bought the business. Jim Jr. expanded the trade show business to over 500 shows per year. Since 1991 Jim produces his own infomercial which was an instant success. Sales have continued to skyrocket ever since. Several well know manufacturers pass out free samples of PPP with the sale of new electronic products. (Available for manufacturers large and small)

Another Smiley playing an upright

Through their innovative and creative ideas, Professional Cleaning Products are becoming a household name, sold in over 50 countries. Churches all over the world have electronic organs and Professional Piano Cleaning Products are being used in houses of worship every week.





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